Artist Coaching

Artist Coaching

“What one does without leisure and advice rarely or never becomes good.”

Artist Coaching for Individuals

You have questions on the topics of artistic profile development, professional perspectives, career development, label, booking, sales, publishing, promotion, product management, online marketing, GEMA, GVL, … then get in touch with me and we’ll see how I can help you best.

TIP: On request, I can do a quick “Artist Audit” or carry out a “Band Screening”. I check the artist profile, the music, the chosen presentation and the website. In the subsequent one-hour artist coaching session, I then point out the points that in my opinion have the greatest need for improving measures.

Here you get some advice for free (you can watch it with subtitles automatically translated into funny English):


Furthermor I had the chance to answer a few questions by wonderful Anna Marie Hradecká in an INSOUNDER interview about the indie music scene in general and in Berlin in particular, as well as about topics such as artist profile, presentation, marketing, promotion – and me 🙂

Artist Coaching for Groups

Use Channels correctly: Homepage, TikTok, fb, IG, Spotify and Co.

“Make it personal” will be a guiding principle. What is meant by this is shown as part of the coaching session on the basis of concrete artist profiles in the respective channels along with practical tips. The aim is to sharpen the eye for the essentials. So: the own (band) personality, their uniform presentation and the general way in dealing with fans.

A set of guidelines serve as a guidance. The creative interplay between these development and design set of rules creates a reliable road map. So the planning and implementation of future measures along with their communication can then be carried out in a more well thought-out way.

The Release is pending. What to do?

“Everything into production and nothing into marketing”, to put it somewhat polemically, seems to be the chosen strategy for many independent musicians and bands to use the available resources when a release is imminent. Besides from a few posts on social networks.

With “The Release is pending. What to do?” I would like to encourage a rethinking and also impart to all participants basic knowledge that is useful for their public relations work.

We will discuss the different sections of a campaign together and use successful practical examples as references. Through the artist coaching, the participants are equipped with the necessary tools to be able to market their own future activities in a more targeted manner.

Career Goal: Professional Musician

“Many are called, but only a few are chosen”, you often hear that when it comes to wanting to be able to live from your art. Of course it is difficult if the hobby is to be turned into a profession. But not impossible.

“Career Goal: Professional Musician” is intended to serve as a guide on how your own career can be advanced bit by bit in a efficient way that save resources. A quick overview of the key players in the music industry is given as an introduction.

Then many dos and even more don’ts in the respective business segments will be discussed and at the same time some myths will be cleared up, which unfortunately often determine the thinking and thus the decisions of most musicians in the long term.

And since skilful puffing is part of the trade, this point is also briefly examined using best practices. Provided with new insights and knowledge, the coming artistic career can be strategically designed in a reasonable way.

The initial consultation is for free. Interested?

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