Björn Köhler Founder of the PR agency bangup bulletMy name is Björn Köhler and I am the founder of the PR agency bangup bullet. I was born in the idyllic but unfortunately also very sleepy southern German village called Auenwald. After graduating from high school, I quickly moved to Berlin.

To my own surprise, I was even able to complete my master’s degree there, which I started at Humboldt University. In the subjects of linguistics – focus on psycholinguistics -, philosophy and political science.

After that I worked as an online journalist and copywriter and by chance fell into the music industry and suddenly ran two record labels and a music publishing company.

I also organized concerts, started the SoundGroundBerlin initiative and founded my own PR agency bangup bullet. And since 2014 I’ve been doing music promotion full-time there for independent artists of various genres.

PR agency focusing on music promotion for independent artists

I offer media work through my PR agency in the Online, Print, Radio, and TV sector and occasionally I give bands a bit of Artist Coaching on all issues that come with being an artist. Since June 2018 I have also been running courses and giving lectures (including e.g. Music Pool Berlin, PopKW, LAG Soziokultur Brandenburg, Musico Kiel) in the area of online marketing, campaign work, artist development, …

Promotion Panel

As part of a panel during the Berlin Music Week, Berthold Maß, Jonathan Bouchard and I were able to talk about the topic of “Promo and PR Concepts”. A Berlin SAE team kindly recorded this conversation (you can watch it with subtitles automatically translated into funny English):

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