Club des Belugas

Club des Belugas Artist

The Wuppertal formation Club des Belugas has already turned almost all emotional worlds into songs in 14 years of project history. And throughout the band’s history, Club des Belugas has proven that style elements from all over the world can be linked to a fruitful and danceable symbiosis.

Whatever the sizeable fan base longed for, the Nu Jazz combo delivered reliably. And yet knew how to surprise on the eight albums so far. By refining their releases with trip-hop, reggae and even rock sprinkles.

And now? Now with “NINE” the last album of the project, which is almost unique in the German music scene, is released. “Bye-Bye Baby I Won’t Come Back”, the harbinger of the single, sums up the request. Dance lively towards the end of the release, with one last furious high performance, turning the tonewood into fire, ashes and smoke.

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