DEAD MEMORY stands for: Steel-hard heavy rock from the Pott. The German threesome from the rough, sooty heart of the Ruhr area – the locals call this region “Pott” – has the force of a mighty wrecking ball with its fiery-nimble guitar riffing, powerful bass, pounding drums, and energetic vocals.

In contrast to the musically powerful punch, the content is mostly about topics such as mental suffering, vulnerability and the fragility of life. But also about personal strength, resilience and the possibility of awakening from dark periods. This is particularly evident on the EP “Awake”, which will be released via Jumi in late summer.

Upon this everything revolves around demons in form of various mental illnesses and associated challenges. But also the belief that, if not necessarily defeated, they can at least be fought. The record thus represents a conceptual ambitious piece of work that gives hope – and at the same time marks a major development step for the band.

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