Lars Kutschke

Lars Kutschke Artist

The exceptional guitarist and composer Lars Kutschke from Dresden has already been to festivals and clubs in over 40 countries with Sharrie Williams, “the Princess of Rockin’ Gospel Blues”, as her artistic director and bandmate. There are encounters with greats of the blues and jazz scene such as Hubert Sumlin, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Joe Bonamassa or the Holmes Brothers. These have a lasting influence on his own style, which he develops over time.

He also accompanies, among others, Alphaville, Sido, Die Zöllner and Uschi Brüning on tours and is part of the band Keimzeit. And in summer he will be releasing his current album “While We’re Here”. Together with the support of almost 30 other musicians, he records his own titles and interprets a selection of songs that inspired him.

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