Radio Promotion

Radio Promotion

Your Advantages of a Radio Promotion Campaign:

  • You use radio airplay to market your music
  • You can target people who love your songs and win new fans
  • You advance your career and gradually become a relevant player in the music industry
  • With possible GEMA or GVL royalties, you can develop new sources of income

Detailed Description of Radio Promotion Services:

  • Support in developing a promotion concept
  • Support in developing a promotion strategy
  • Advice on an appropriate time for publication
  • Advice on choosing a suitable radio single
  • Sighting and possible optimization of press material
  • PR text translation from English into German
  • Creation of an one-sheet
  • Creation of a press kit
  • Inclusion into the artist roster
  • Creation of a band page and a release post in German and in English
  • Provision of the single / album via the agency’s own server
  • Creation of press releases
  • Digital single sampling to suitable editorial offices in GSA (Germany, Switzerland & Austria)
  • Digital album sampling to suitable editorial offices in GSA
  • CD sampling with cover letter and one-sheet to suitable radio stations in GSA
  • Follow up calls and emails
  • Airplay, album presentation and interview acquisition
  • Coordination and support of interviews and studio sessions
  • Free single and album tracking
  • Airplay monitoring
  • Regular briefing of the PR results (airplay, presentations, interviews, studio sessions)
  • Dissemination of part of the PR results via the agency’s own digital channels
  • Creation of a final promotional report

Start of Monitoring:

From the release of the first single and at least 5 weeks before the album is released.

The exact timing of the campaign including monitoring always depends on the specific promotion plan.

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