Elen Artist

Elen made a living with street music for years. Many Berliners have seen her busking on the Alexanderplatz. After the release of the crowdfunded debut album “Elen” from 2015, she went underground for a while. But now she is back with German-language, self-written pieces. These are the harbingers of the long player “Blind über Rot”, which will be released in spring.

Elen sings with all her heart. Like no other, she has a very own, assertive voice. Her songs grow (if you let them) with every listen. You can get lost in their songs and discover yourself at the same time. Certainly one cannot simply withdraw from them.

Elen stands for “truthfulness”. A quality, an attitude, a principle of life. What seems to have been lost more and more, but which we are increasingly longing for. She carries this honesty in her – as a person and as an artist in her works.

It’s about the longing to feel yourself. To allow yourself to be you and to be close to your inner soul – in all authenticity and directness. To sort yourself in abundance this time. To find your own center. To take responsibility for yourself and others. And somehow she’s totally in tune with the times.

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