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Nobody Knows have been at the start for a decade and a half with more than 1,000 appearances at home and abroad. They have the first place of the German Rock and Pop Prize in the category “Folk & Country” as well as two dozen musical productions in their pocket. And they continue to present their fresh folk cocktail. The combo describes himself as: “Post-modern, Federal Republican folklore with a north-west European touch and east-occidental rhythms”.

With their current album “Urbane Camouflage” Nobody Knows are breaking new ground. They cultivate their biting irony and self-criticism of the other par excellence and remix the stylistic pigeon-holes. Where their environment between AfD homeland ramblings and neo-patriotism seeps into the swamp of idiocy, the quintet opposes idiocy. And focuses on entertainment and criticism.

Somewhere between “jazz and hate” there is still plenty of room for self-irony and comedicism. As well as traditional and own, but above all for irrepressible joy in playing. Without genre barriers, the five gentlemen circumnavigated the style boundaries between German folklore, country, polka and Irish music in order to serve their very own sound and dance spectrum.

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