Erika Spencer: Courageous Departure Into The Unknown

Erika Spencer - Go Single

The single “Go” by singer-songwriter Erika Spencer is the title track of the successfully crowdfunded album “Go”, which will be released in March and musically oscillates between alternative pop, jazz, folk, country and chanson.

The song begins with an urgent piano riff – accompanied by double bass and drums – to which the piece returns again and again. The vocals come in to an accentuated band accompaniment: “I’m a lazy fuck but I’m dutiful”. And that takes us straight into the midst of the most beautiful complexity.

Everything is there: stagnation and self-deception, laziness and sense of duty, heaviness and sarcasm, erring and hesitation. And then, in the sudden intimacy of voice and piano, she arrives at the source of it all: the fear of the unknown.

With “Go”, the Swiss musician with South African roots motivates herself and others to choose a route without being able to plan its exact course, let alone foresee it. More information can be found here.