Erika Spencer: Songs full of Circus Flair and a Touch of Old Hollywood

Erika Spencer - Go Album

With her remarkable debut album “Go”, singer-songwriter Erika Spencer celebrates the courageous departure – and all the fears, contradictions and absurdities that come with it.

The songs of the Swiss singer-songwriter with South African roots are imbued with the spirit that life ultimately cannot be controlled. She combines alternative Pop, Jazz and Folk in a profoundly original and catchy way.

Her songs breathe circus flair and a touch of old Hollywood. The power of Soul rises up and a Country feeling sets out into the distance. A multi-faceted energy that Erika Spencer fully carries with her singing. Pointed and full of character, playful and captivating.

“Go” is a veritable cry for sharing our confusing and beautiful humanity with one another. In music. In exchange. With the courage for depth. And with the categorical invitation to face difficult things with lightness. More information can be found here.