Felidae: Rock Extravaganza with current Affairs critical Impact

Felidae At The Backyard Single Release

On the latest single release “At The Backyard” by the band “Felidae”, one line reads: “Berlin’s backyard is like a cemetery. Nobody can escape ”. Sung in German by the singer Omer Lichtenstein. Taken in isolation, this verse may be nothing special yet. But Omer is also a Jew who moved the center of his life from Tel Aviv to Berlin a few years ago. And against this background, the sentences have a completely different scope.

The punchy rock number “At The Backyard” is actually a rework of an older version. German verses have now found their way into the current single release. Omer’s grandmother lived in Berlin for a few years after World War II. And he is now walking in their footsteps. At the same time, he is part of a global stream of so-called expats who prefer to live in trendy urban areas such as Berlin Neukölln. The critical consideration of these international horde movements is the main theme of the song. More information is available here.