Antoine Villoutreix: Invitation to a musical promenade

Antoine Villoutreix - Promenade

The album “Promenade” by Antoine Villoutreix invites you to a musical promenade. The Berliner sings on it as a matter of course in French, German, English and even a bit of Italian – and immediately creates a special cosmopolitan flair. And through the extraordinary combination of chanson with musical styles such as swing, folk, rock as well as country or rocksteady, he leads the listeners through poetic landscapes rich in dreamlike images and scenes and a wide variety of moods.

The songs are dreamy-romantic (“Le jardin municipal”, “Umbrella”), sad (“Gris”), emotionally rousing (“Le vacarme”), exciting (“La falaise”), lively (“Che posso fare”, “Waiting for a sign”), relaxed (“Old town”, “On Your Streets”), contemplative (“The Waves”), inspired by stories of everyday life (“La chambre”)

In the company of his stage trio but also many guests such as Maxim Illion from the “Club des Belugas”, Danny Dziuk, Mischa Tangian from the “Babylon ORCHESTRA”, the cellist Matthieu Saglio and many other first-class musicians, Antoine Villoutreix continues to follow his path here. Original and free, in the tradition of chansonniers. More information can be found here.