Monoply: Melancholic-urban Blend of Downbeat and Alternative Pop

Monoply - Not The End Album

The EP “Not The End” by the downbeat and alternative pop musician “Monopoly” is the result of a long odyssey, which, on closer inspection, seems to be part of a larger departure. In the songs, produced with a leisurely progressing beat, the clear falsetto voice of the Berliner-by-choice the organic mixture of analog and digital sound worlds.

He writes and produces his own songs and lyrics, and friends of his appear on the guitar or wind instruments. In terms of content, the Berliner-by-choice processes the feeling of loneliness and uncertainty in current moments and stages of life in the songs of the mini-album in an unusually approachable intimacy and pronounced richness of facets. At the same time connected with the feeling of hope, which always points to a better future.

“Everyday life forces you to make choices whose outcome is often uncertain. Do you go further or do you withdraw? Often there is no time to think. The Titles were created in a state of complete standstill and sound to me like a collective gasp before the big jump,” the artist says. More information is available here.