audiolaw: Rock Adventure with Jumps through Space and Time

The cover of the album “There Are Millions” shows a crack. It is a movement through space and time into adventure. Audiolaw dared to do this and moved from the local Eifel for live sessions to Ireland. Place of inspiration, original and rough. This was the beginning of a journey that was supposed to release energies.

And the long-player sounds after a departure: powerful, self-confident, grippy and fresh. Alternative rock with airy arrangements and great melodies. With lyrics between: question and answer, accusation and defense. The opener “Idiots” is a statement against the mighty. Who is actually controlling them?

The single “I Told U B4” is about smart asses who, with their know-it-alls, deserve to be finally chased to hell. In “R U Xistent?” Audiolaw pose the question of the existence of a higher being.

And in the anthemic “Locked In Pilgrim” they tell the story of a patient with Locked In Syndrome who is motionlessly tied to bed and who uses the pictures on the wall to travel in his imagination. The bleating of sheep ends the song “Blind Horses”, which by the way is not about horses at all.

“Tender” is opened by a string quartet and elegiacally praises sleep as the elixir of life. And the title song “There Are Millions” points as a lullaby for a sad girl up to the stars and yet means the warmth of a loving relationship with one another. More information is available here.