Laura Korinth: Departure to undiscovered Sound Banks

The EP “Aufbruch” by the duo by Laura Korinth and Stephan Schulz lets you look into worlds that are filled with different, always powerful feelings. In the six pieces they succeed admirably in consciously using musical stylistic devices that give the respective songs their dynamic expressiveness.

The opening title “Sail Away With Me” seems like a departure to which, despite dark clouds on the horizon, nothing can be added in terms of finality. The stylistic change to the second song “Patience” is as radical as it is successful. He slides on a sedate, swinging, slightly humped bar melody that could have sprung from the romantic phase of the fifties.

Bond-like and gloomy, like a hopeless road movie, follows “Hold Me”, a song in which Stephan Schulz’s ability to create opulent arrangements with his own narrative language clearly emerges. Laura’s voice shines with angularity and a self-confident timbre that rejects or takes over depending on the song’s character. As with “Troubles”, a really rocking number, and “Dreamer’s Disease”, which surprises with ragtime echoes.

Laura knows how to give these two, as well as all the other songs on the CD, the necessary vocal orientation. The single release “Broken” also convinces with a lush orchestration and a stylistically thought-out concept. Laura Korinth’s EP “Aufbruch” has a gripping dynamic that doesn’t fade away so quickly after the final chord. More information is available here.