Better Strangers: Round Trip through Gloss and Gloom

Better Strangers Taxi For Susie Album Release

The debut EP “Taxi For Susie” by the Berlin alternative rock band Better Strangers contains five songs that relate to the most profound feeling of all, love – with all its shades. Susie is a metaphor for all of us. At some point everyone drives this allegorical taxi or sits in the back seat.

The opener “Try Me” is a heavy track with massive guitars, a strong groove and a powerful and melodic chorus. With “You Got It Good” the trio delivers what is probably their catchiest song. Starting with a question-and-answer game between two guitars, the piece quickly develops into a three-part chorus. This and other others on “Taxi For Susie” are sure to get stuck in many people’s heads.

And what seems to be the beginning of a Nicolas Winding Refn flick is the beginning of the new Better Strangers music video for “Rest Your Bones”. The images transport the viewer into a cloudy, urban desert landscape. There you immerse yourself in the flattering sounds of the chants and instruments that carry you through the darkness. More information is available here.