Danny Dziuk & Antoine Villoutreix: Pinpoint Landing Tempelhofer Feld

Danny Dziuk Antoine Villoutreix Tempelhofer Feld Single Release

Danny Dziuk and Antoine Villoutreix’s first collaboration is the song “Tempelhofer Feld”. Above all, it consists in the apparently effortlessly successful intercultural dialogue between not only a German and a French, but also between two generations.

Blind musical understanding led to the present result

And this exchange began with a secret test. Danny Dziuk and Antoine Villoutreix met each other by chance and decided to “do something” together. As is often the case. In the end, however, they actually landed – both armed with guitars – on the Tempelhofer Feld.

What Antoine Villoutreix did not know was that Danny Dziuk had already started a song on the topic of Tempelhofer Feld. The older chansonnier hadn’t gotten very far with that. Now he was curious how his younger colleague would go about it. And when he picked up the guitar and spontaneously began to sing and play, what he had heard was amazingly similar to the version he had already started. Everything else was immediately sealed. And it was precisely this blind musical understanding between Danny Dziuk and Antoine Villoutreix that led to the present result almost like an autopilot.

The two immediately noticed that they are brothers in spirit

The demo version, which was initially underlaid with a drum template, was enriched with a “real” drum kit in the “AndereBaustelle” studio, the rehearsal room of the Einstürzende Neubauten. It was recorded by Achim Färber (i.a. Icebreaker, Automat, Project Pitchfork). And complemented by Uwe Langer’s trumpet from the 17 Hippies. The string part is played by Christiane Silber, conductor a.o. of the Berlin Philharmonic Film Orchestra.

The two immediately noticed that they are brothers in spirit. And just like herself, Tempelhofer Feld is a lot more complex and surprising than the title suggests. The Berliners by choice bring – one could perhaps put it this way – a somewhat more universal perspective in the German-speaking songwriting scene. More information is available here.