Anna-Marlene: Fluffy orchestral widescreen Pop

Anna-Marlene Everything is new album release

Anna-Marlene composed and arranged the pieces on the new EP “Alles ist neu” (“Everything is new”) herself. There is a reason why you are reminiscent of film music, because she also studied this subject at the Babelsberg Film University.

Her passion for epic orchestral arrangements combined with catchy pop melodies is particularly evident here. This can be felt in each of her songs.

Timeless sounds with profound philosophical lyrics

After the debut album “Tagtraum” (“Daydream”) had already achieved a respectable success, she increased the tension between fresh and at the same time timeless sounds on “Alles ist neu”. Associated with profound, everyday philosophical lyrics.

And live there is also the opportunity to be enchanted by Anna-Marlene’s sound worlds. With her musical companions Héloïse Lefebvre on violin and Manuel Podhostnik on drums and synthesizer. The titles of the mini-album and of course others are now brought to the stage. More information is available here.