Anna-Marlene: Dream Pop to float away

Anna-Marlene Berlin singer Alles ist neu single release

The single “Alles ist neu” (“Everything is new”) reflects a young and yet also a life that has already been lived. Intelligent and fragile at the same time, the Berlin singer Anna-Marlene moves lyrically into a new world.

Her voice, large synth clouds and a solo violin float over a leisurely dragging electro beat and make this track an ideal relaxed and dreamy antidote for the stress of everyday life.

Chemistry, French, singing and film composition – the versatile artist has already studied all of these. A longer stay in Paris, foreign work assignments such as in Ethiopia, winner of this year’s GEMA music author award,… sound like a successful existence in the fast lane.

Constant companions were also recurring self-doubts. The quarrel with what has already been achieved. But from now on the chosen title is also the program. The fluffy sound of the new songs on the EP of the same name by the Berlin singer forms the soundtrack for everything in the future. More information is available here.