Anna-Marlene: Electropop of adventurous Origin

Anna-Marlene Das Lied Single Release

If palm-sized spiders and scurrying rats hadn’t driven Anna-Marlene from her tree house, the electro-pop song “Das Lied” (“The song”) would not have existed. The Berlin musician stayed there when she was on business in Ethiopia. In order to escape the pests, she jogged a lap in the nearby desert and this title was created step by step.

The planning of which pieces should be included on the EP “Alles ist neu” (“Everything is new”) were basically already completed by this point. But as if it should have been, this number practically pushed itself onto the window. And there in the foreground, so that it is now even the first single.

“Das Lied” leads the listener, floating and propelling, to a place that allows feelings of being free and of going beyond limits. Inspired by artists like Aurora, Björk and Enya, this piece is timeless yet modern. More information is available here.