JOHN GARNER: A Trip together through breathtaking Landscapes

JOHN GARNER see you there album release

JOHN GARNER are still hungry and just one year after their debut “Writing Letters” they are releasing their second album. Financed again through a successful crowdfunding campaign. “see you there” is the name of the new album and it is full of surprises!

The three Garners have shaped over 100 concerts within a very short time. The constant touring life has left its mark – but also allowed the trio to grow together into an even more cohesive unit. Now more than ever, the band is full of energy and drive and looking for new experiences. But the young musicians now want to share with us what they have already experienced.

Strangers went to friends in a brief moment

“see you there” reflects the feelings and experiences on their tour across Europe.  And carries you with over unimaginably beautiful landscapes: deep valleys, high mountains, wide lakes, forests and fields as well as small villages, large squares and even larger metropolises. They introduce us to people who went from strangers to friends in a brief moment.

Many of these strong lasting impressions arose on that trip. And you can still feel the emotions that prevailed here in every single one of these very personal songs. Loneliness and sadness, euphoria and joy, hope and longing – but one thing above all: love.

Songs that make your sofa bounce

The typically happy, melancholy sound of JOHN GARNER is fully developed on this sound carrier. Beautiful ballads with floating melodies to melt away. But there are also robust folk rock songs that make the sofa bounce and encourage you to dance.

A special surprise is that the three of them have brought in top-class reinforcements and suddenly bass, drums and piano can be heard. And as diverse as this extraordinary album is, everyone is guaranteed to find their own favorite song that they won’t get out of their head anytime soon.

And the band definitely keeps moving on the streets of Europe. To well-known and new great places and people and therefore says: see you there! More information is available here.