JOHN GARNER: Very emotional Exploration of our Roots

JOHN GARNER a little bit of all single release

JOHN GARNER show unbelievable depth with their current ballad “a little bit of all”. And thus set a new standard within their own repertoire. The song not only contains our own roots in our lives, namely mother and father. But all the connections that are presented to us in rainbow-like colors.

An interplay of many large and small special features that come together to form a very unique, multifaceted and wonderful work. The title “a little bit of all” also comes into play in the context of a wonderful video, the pictures of which are extremely large and at the same time very fine.

It is as if someone would open all the doors and windows of the sensations in it and all of a sudden they would all pour in like a hurricane and carry them away. More information is available here.