ZOUZOULECTRIC: Interplay of Grace and Exuberance

ZOUZOULECTRIC Society of Fragments Album Release

Who does not know it? Life as a roller coaster ride in its capricious alternation between acceleration and standstill. Between thrill and boredom, tragedy and love story. And who doesn’t want to be open to experience like a child. To take the next sharp curve with a laugh or a screech with amazed eyes and the wind in the hair.

ZOUZOULECTRIC are the party heroes of Nu Jazz and Neo Swing who have long been celebrated internationally. As musicians, they have more than retained this inner attitude. Their new album Society of Fragments celebrates the magic of the moment with verve and from the heart.

Producer J├╝rgen Kausemann and jazz singer Nelly Simon rush headlong into every opportunity to celebrate the night. Dive deep in the stream of music and consciousness to come back fresh and young with every track. On Society of Fragments, the two happily burn their alchemical mix of swing, jazz, tango, reggae, pop, electro beats and crackling records. As if the aim was to save good taste on this planet or at least the club evening.

Open your eyes, open your heart and let ZOUZOULECTRIC in your ears … Welcome life!

Kausemann’s songwriting and producing not only have the decisive dimension in the sound, which gives the pop hooklines, elegant jazz beats and thick bass grooves timelessness. Mr. Kausemann happily remixes his buddies from the Club des Belugas, Bahama Soul Club and the WDR Big Band. Has found brilliant collaborators in Reiner Winterschladen and Radek Fedyk and always shows fabulous obstinacy.

Nelly Simon sings cool and beguiling, gives every song the grace and intensity in a dreamlike unexcited way that only comes when the singer has completely settled in. You are outrageously lucky who, like jazz crooner Iain Mackenzie, is allowed to dance tango with her.

In the constant search for the immediacy of the moment, we simply believe the promises of a starry summer night. Get into the car at the very front of the roller coaster and buckle up. Open your eyes, open your heart and let ZOUZOULECTRIC in your ears … Welcome life! More information is available here.