DEAD MEMORY: Unique Blend of Heavy Rock and Modern Metal


“Awake” is the title of the new EP by German heavy rockers DEAD MEMORY. The record released via Jumi represents an ambitious conceptual piece of work and also marks a powerful development step for the band. On it the four guys deal with demons in form of various mental illnesses and associated challenges. And the belief that, if not necessarily defeated, they can at least be fought. The lyrics encourage you to face your own fears and feelings, to rise up and to grow beyond yourself.

The emotionality of the lyrics is carried by a mature rock composition, which clearly shows the strong further advancement. The sound is more modern and sophisticated. Influences from different rock and metal genres are skilfully woven into the heavy rock foundation and give the pieces depth and complexity.

The songs, like those of most musicians at the moment, were created during the pandemic period. Of course, this devastating situation does not leave DEAD MEMORY untouched. But after overcoming the initial lethargy, the band begins to write new titles, fit out their own studio and record the guitar and bass parts there. Only for the final drum and vocal recordings they look for external help.

The result not only shows the impressive musical versatility of the band, but also reflects their own journey. Out of a depressing and seemingly hopeless situation in life to a form of awakening that gives strength and courage. More information can be found here.