INGVAY: Soundtrack of a Restless One

INGVAY’s new studio album is called “Keep It Up”. It’s the soundtrack of a restless man: songwriter blues, Americana, crisp groove rock. It’s the music that has shaped him since childhood.

He called together good friends for the production, all of them experts and experts. “We recorded live as a band, just like in the good old days. No autotune, no Melodyne. There are overdubs, but everything is real and that’s the way it should be! “. The result sounds powerful, relaxed and damn groovy.

INGVAY writes his songs out of inner need. He plays with driving force and produces to the point. “I’m always looking for what defines us – not necessarily what everyone goes along with. I want to leave again and think back to what we have always wanted and what we do best now. It’s about hope and confidence – for us and for the people we live with – even in difficult times “.

The result is “Keep It Up”, an album full of diversity and positive energy. From someone who means what he sings and shows what he feels – with clear roots and a fine sense for what is his own. More information is available here.