JOHN GARNER: Hymnic Songs from the deepest Part of the Heart


“These songs come from deep inside our hearts.” That’s what JOHN GARNER from Augsburg say about their new EP “Heart”. The young independent band has been on tour a lot in the past few years. Now she openly admits: “We were about to split up. Had to struggle with many problems. ”

But she used all the negative feelings and wrote her fears and frustration off her soul – and put them into the songwriting for her most emotional work to date. Musically supported by artfully arranged, fine string arrangements and beautiful electric guitar sounds. “Heart” is deep but never overloaded or pathetic. It is a very honest work.

This record has tied the five artists together again into a unit, brought them closer again and led them on the only right path: the common one. JOHN GARNER are now a bit more mature and at the same time a little more open in front of their audience. Because what remains is a deep connection to one another, to the music and to the fans. More information is available here.