INGVAY: With Roots Rock into the Magic Mile

INGVAY - One Magic Mile (Record)

“One Magic Mile” is the title of INGVAY‘s new studio album. Recorded in a single day after an extensive live season. Together with a select group of fans and friends in the recording room. No safety nets. Solid blues, beautiful ballads, and groove-rock on point. Originals and selected covers merge into a mature, cohesive unity.

Traveling is a constant theme in INGVAY’s work. In his songs, he journeys far, deep into the self, and through the years of growing older. Reflection and departure go hand in hand. Just as beautiful ballads and driving blues rock belong together in a world that opens a bit further after each magical mile.

“Sometimes you have to go that extra mile, and new doors open up. I always wanted an album in studio quality with the energy and interaction of a live gig: No click tracks. No frills. Four musicians, and off we go. At Magic Mile Music, everyone was open to this experiment, and in the end, it was proven again: Teamwork makes the dream work.”  More information can be found here.