TheEEs: The Temptations of Sound

TheEEs - Temptations of Sound Album

The project TheEEs (“The Eclectic Experiences”), the core of which is the Braunschweig duo André Neundorf and Claus Hartisch, playfully bridges the gap between vintage sound and contemporary sounds on their debut album “Temptations of Sound”. Her pieces are created from a combination of musical snapshots and various collaborations with top-class performers.

But how does an album like this come about? In the hearts and minds of the musicians! They collect impressions, sometimes over years and decades, and at some point, with a bit of luck, they form something that has to come out. To the surface. But of course we live in the “here and now”.

Between musical influences from nu-jazz to trip hop. Modern music programs provide the opportunity to create exciting sound collages that complement the organic live performance. The instruments provide the music that is played and the computer is one of these instruments. And then there are the encounters.

They require that you tune in to what comes from their musical cosmos. Act and react, be open to new things and yet don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. With every track a momentum is created. Something that takes us to places that were previously only vague sketches. And which reveal new, enriching and tempting perspectives to us. That’s the lure of sound. This is the genesis of “Temptations of Sound”. More information can be found here.