Melchi Vepouyoum: Spirited New World Afromusic

Melchi Vepouyoum - Femju

The Cameroon-born musician Melchi Vepouyoum, who has been living in Bonn for several years, sings with a warm, soft voice on his current EP “Femju”, the title can be translated as “Tomorrow”, in his native language Bamoun and in French. He accompanies himself with an acoustic guitar, which he also uses as a percussion instrument.

In his songs, Melchi tells of the experiences in his parents’ village and of his youth in the big city. About daily life in remote regions, the situation of women and children and the importance of solidarity and love.

Instrumentally, he is supported by an organic arrangement of electric guitar, bass and cello as well as bongo and drum rhythms. The result is a danceable, lively mixture, which he himself describes as “New World Afromusic”.

The title “Ma lenu ne” is an exception. In a congenial collaboration with the producer “Jan Teichmann” aka “Lord Normal”, analogue-traditional and synthetic-modern sounds are brought together to a fresh mix, which complements the record wonderfully and let us look forward to the further musical path of Melchi Vepouyoum with excitement. More information can be found here.