Nobutthefrog: Phat epic folk pop

Nobutthefrog - Rhythm Of Your Soul

The album “Rhythm Of Your Soul” by the Nuremberg folk-pop duo “Nobutthefrog” takes the listener on a journey to the coasts of Europe and meets musically the strong longing for the sea and the unconditional desire to be inspired by other cultures and views of life.

Characteristic are the two-part singing with equal lead voices and the unconventional sounding violin, which runs like a red thread through the songs. Dramaturgically accompanied by strings and choral movements, in order to do justice to the spectacular impressions that the duo gained on their European tour.

The handmade songs tell, among other things, of a typical rainy day in Ireland with a wild ocean and its warm-hearted people. Snow-covered mountains which rise from the turquoise waters of the Calabrian coast. And a love story on the white sandy beaches of Sardinia. The mood of the individual pieces is as ambivalent as the sea itself: sometimes calm and dreamy, sometimes exuberant and cheerful, sometimes rough, impetuous and wild. More information can be found here.