Antoine Villoutreix: Poetic Declaration of Love to Paris and Berlin

Antoine Villoutreix Paris Berlin Release

Paris is known as the city of love, with chansons, red wine, cute cafes and poetry. Berlin is wild, diverse, open and free. “Antoine Villoutreix”, who comes from Berlin by choice, now wants to combine both worlds in his second album “Paris Berlin”, which will be released on “World Dance Day”. The artist recorded the long player with musicians from both cities in the legendary Berlin Funkhaus Studio. The result is a special mixture of chanson and folk with swing, reggae and rock influences.

The modern chansonnier also sings in French and German on the LP. He tells of boulevards in Paris, everyday stories in Berlin, flowers, poetry and of course love. He sends us on a poetic journey between two fascinating cities and cultures and invites us in a charming way to dream, to think and of course: to dance! More information is available here.