Nobody Knows: Music as a successful Balancing Act between Entertainment and Criticism of contemporary Issues

Nobody Knows Urban Camouflage Music Album Release

With their music on the 13th Album “Urbane Camouflage” in 15 years of band history, “Nobody Knows” dare to walk the tightrope between entertainment and criticism of the current affairs. Without a wagging finger but clear words about the AfDization of Germany. The five musicians cultivate fun and seriousness, who, regardless of their depth, continue to indulge in the unheard-of lightness of being.

Music between polka and folk, singer-songwriter style and world music. In this way, the quintet continues to surrender to its conceptual lack of conception, which fluidly abolishes genre boundaries. Mixing Arabic sounds with country, placing gypsy sounds next to ironically distorted hit impulses. And one thing in particular is not: purism. Long live pluralism on all levels. More information is available here.