DO I SMELL CUPCAKES: Power Pop with crackling R’n’B Appeal


“Dance On” is the slogan of the current single “DANCE ON” from “DO I SMELL CUPCAKES”. In the course of just under three and a half minutes, this advances from appeal to self-fulfilling prophecy and thus keeps what the title promises. With an emphasis on upbeat, the power pop track, enhanced by economical electronics, oscillates between fluffy crackling R’n’B appeal. As well as heavy rocking chord volleys that merge into a unity in a hypnotic chorus.

In the neon in between, the voice of frontman Can Monarc shines. He tells of detached self-disintegration. It is thanks to his infatuation with melodies that one imagines oneself again and again in the night express towards the end of the nineties. In the accompanying music video, DO I SMELL CUPCAKES prove that, in addition to their songs, the optical components also stand up to the test of aesthetics.

In cooperation with the model Julia Wulf and the music theater collective glanz & krawall, the courageous counterpart was created on a visual level. The Berlin trio shows this from its weird side. Fashion and passion on all channels. In the end, the compulsion to dance remains. Gotta dance on. Gotta dance on. More information is available here.