Sons of Settlers: With positive Power full Speed ahead

Sons of Settlers Daily Rituals Album Release

The EP “Daily Rituals” by “Sons of Settlers” reflects the influence that the band reduction from four to two musicians and the new place of residence in Berlin has on the sound of the South African combo. The record was produced by the remaining members Gerdus and Le-Roi as a bedroom recording on their own. And with integrated samplings such as Smartphone tones and also recordings of close artist friends.

Of course, the melodic, rousing folk rock and the honest, profound lyrics have remained. Also the distinctive polyphonic singing and the flowing rhythms. In addition, the songs still exude a positive energy. This suddenly makes the idea of a better world not only possible but also feasible.

In this context, Sons of Settlers have decided to offer “Daily Rituals” not only through conventional retailers. They also accept good deeds as a new, more conscious way of paying. By participating in the campaign entitled “PositiveVibeSOS”. By submitting a photo and a short description of the positive action – ideally something selfless that makes the world a bit better – combined with the hashtag #GoodVibeSOS or a simple message directly to the band. The mini-album can also be purchased. More information is available here.