JOJO EFFECT: Melancholic swinging Jazz Pop

JOJO EFFECT feat. Iain Mackenzie More or Less Single Release

Not much in life is as true as the possibility of love and the doubt about it. Is romance again the only thing that gets you out of the door? Then you need a finely tuned, auditory drug such as “More or less” for the accompanying symptoms.

London’s jazz crooner “Iain Mackenzie” and “JOJO EFFECT” mastermind Jürgen Kausemann wrote one of these rare songs. It takes effect immediately.. And explores the depths of melancholy and longing and dissolves them in warm, swinging jazz pop.

With Lars Kuklinski on the trumpet, this causes a slightly hallucinatory state as a side effect. Astonishment at the miracle of floating soap bubbles – shortly before they burst. And it actually helps. Without prescription! More information is available here.