Maya Fadeeva: Brittle-optimistic Farewell in Reggae Rhythms

Maya Fadeeva Let Me Go Single Release

Deliberately slamming doors is not very popular in public. But to leave the unbridgeable behind, often has a more liberating effect than despairing holding on. “Let Me Go”, the single from Maya Fadeeva’s debut album “Chamëleon”, describes exactly this mood between farewell and reorientation. Not wistfully, but with curiosity and hope.

The pointed, reggae-oriented rhythm gives the song the driving dynamics of constant movement. The initial melancholy, which Maya Fadeeva expresses in a fragile voice, gradually begins to change. First cautiously optimistic, then defiant and finally with a clear sound, self-confident and free.

“Let Me Go” is a song that quickly becomes stuck in the ear and from there it has a positive effect on the mood for the day. More information is available here.