Max Paul Maria: Manifesto of a Trapped

Max Paul Maria Figurines Album Release

“Anyone who demands music instead of tootling, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of money, real work instead of business, real passion instead of dalliance, this beautiful world is no home for you … “, as it’s said in Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf. And “Max Paul Maria” seems to be one of these homeless. At least one of these thoughts creeps up after listening to the young musician’s new album “Figurines”.

Three years after the release of the debut “Miles & Gallons”, the DevilDuck Records label is now releasing “Figurines”, its successful and consequent successor. To be found on it: more band, more sound, more roughness, more gesture. And more artistic sincerity. While “Miles & Gallons” was the travel diary of a restless drifters, “Figurines” looks like the manifesto of a trapped vagabond scratched into the cell wall.

It was recorded in DIY fashion in the self-imposed isolation of the Berlin apartment. Similar to its predecessor, the long-player describes a feeling of restlessness and a longing for a more intense life. However, here you can feel a turmoil even more clearly. A dark melancholy, an anger at the inadequacy in culture and society. A desperate search for an island in the raging sea of the postmodern world. “Still I don’t know where to go now, through all imaginary landscapes”, it says accordingly in the opener. More information is available here.