Maya Fadeeva: Caribbean Vacation Flair at the Snap of a Finger

Maya Fadeeva Finger Snap Baumeister & Kuip Mix Single Release

The single “Finger Snap” from Maya Fadeeva’s debut album “Chamëleon” immediately shows that good music is created when you don’t expect it. This sunny good-mood song is formed so easily in front of the listener, like a blob of a castle from the right mixture of sand and water. The title was lively refined by the Berlin producer duo Baumeister & Kuip.

Maya Fadeeva sings the song dreamily and carefree and tugs at her ukulele in a relaxed manner. Every note radiates lightness and spreads Caribbean vacation flair. “Finger Snap” was created out of a snap of the fingers on one of the really good days in life. So if you want a bit of beach sand in your ear, this song by the sympathetic singer is the best choice. More information is available here.