UNPLACES: Flagellation of the Banality of Progress

UNPLACES Such A Shame Single Release

Isn’t it a shame that it often only seems to be the dice that decide our fate? Isn’t our constant striving for change a shame when the current status quo should actually satisfy us? And aren’t these feelings that we all share? Like Talk Talk once before, UNPLACES also affirms all these questions in their current single “Such A Shame”.

Singer Dorette Gonschorek’s reverberant words creep like a shadow to the unpretentious mid-tempo beat through the feather-light atmosphere of the newly interpreted cover song. And they pour themselves, scourging the banality of omnipresent progress, between trance synthesizer melodies and wide guitars. To ultimately flow into the big chorus, whose pop appeal can only be topped by the strikingly snug wind melody. Go in the ear and stay there! Such a shame? More information is available here.