Maya Fadeeva: Musical Fireworks full of sparkling, astonishing Changes of Color

Maya Fadeeva Chameleon Album Release

The chameleon does not change its color in order to hide itself skillfully. Rather, it is part of his communication. Maya Fadeeva could not have chosen a better namesake for her debut album “Chamëleon”, which is permeated by musical color changes.

The singer confidently uses a stylistic range that seduces reggae and nu jazz into dance just as easily as modern club music and vintage-oriented swing. Her opener “Let Me Go” expresses the connection between modern sound and melancholy pregnant with memories both musically and lyrically.

With ironic nonchalance, the song “Cookie” serves a shellac romance that has something of the color intensity of a pin-up picture from the fifties. “Hello Friend”, on the other hand, is musically reminiscent of the casualness of the Manu Chao age.

The brilliance of Maya Fadeeva’s change of style and voice between sympathetic serenity, heavy soul and happy summer mood is particularly evident in the three songs “Frim Fram Sauce”, “Love like a Legend” and the hit “Finger Snap”.

The modulation-intensive voice of Maya Fadeeva and the signatures of four producers bring the singer’s diversity to life. Musicians and producers, such as the busy drummer Dirk Sengotta, the accomplished songwriter and audio engineer Pat Anthony, as well as the sound tinkerer and club of the beluga captain Maxim Illion, have given the songs of the confidently acting musician their own subtle nuances. Maya Fadeeva produced and / or produced some tracks herself. participated as co-producer.

Maya Fadeeva’s debut album “Chameleon” makes feet shake and hearts beat faster. And just like the color of the chameleon, the listener’s mood quickly changes to friendly serenity. More information is available here.