Straight Towards: A Life’s Work of modern Songs

Straight Towards - Legacy Album

“Legacy” presents the musical result of the eventful careers of Thomas Rückert and Stephan Schulz, who together form the Berlin duo “Straight Towards”. A life’s work of modern songs, which still clearly show their influences from the synthpop and dark wave scene of the 80s. Stylistically an innovative mixture of rock and classical elements paired with German and English lyrics and characterful vocals.

Worked out and constantly further developed on a long journey through life, the titles now have the desired tonal maturity. Songs that get under your skin. Characterized by true experiences from different times and phases. This is about real life, love, hope, dreams and critical self-reflection.

The monumental sounding opening “Dark Thoughts in Red” surprises with an imaginatively told vampire story. “Day by Day” comes up with driving rhythms, a strong chorus and electronic tinkering. In the German-language pieces “Befreit” (“Freed”) and “Schwerelos” (“Weightless”) the rock guitars officially break the mold. The great hymn “Sonne und Regen” (“Sun and Rain”) forms a successful conclusion. More information can be found here.