JOJO EFFECT: Heavenly Gliding through fascinating Nu Jazz Spheres


As a child, the mere idea of being able to fly is enough. At the same moment you take off enthusiastically, ready to save the world. As an adult you need a lot more equipment. With their new, airy album “True Sky Heroes”, the Wuppertal Nu Jazz heroes from JOJO EFFECT may not save the world. But keeping the joy of life alive is certainly also a reasonable achievement.

Producer Jürgen Kausemann and his excellent artists invite you on a sightseeing flight through space and time. Already the opener “Along came Fred” got off to a perfect start with rough electric guitars and the soul driven by a powerful brass section. Dennis LeGree then interprets “No Joke” with the dynamism of David Bowie. The congenial Gardener of Delight & ZOUZOULECTRIC remix of this track is also the pre-release single of the album.

Thanks to the Californian Souldiva Brenda Boykin, the title track “True Sky Heroes” has the energy of a rousing gospel. Jazz is the driving force in the stratosphere pervaded by sound tinkering, electro beats and remixes through which JOJO EFFECT glides. The British crooner Iain Mackenzie celebrates the finest scat-inspired jazz singing in the song “What is Right & What is Wrong”.

“True Sky Heroes” sets new rhythm aspects in the remixes of the already well-known songs “Too hot to Tango” and “He Killed Capoty”, which make these tracks shine in special timbres. With the music of the incomparable Andrew Sisters and an electronic update of Tchaikovsky’s “Sugar Fairy”, the idea of time travel is also served with lively. At the end of the Nu Jazz album, the time-reduced instrumental song “Weekend Waltz” softly introduces the landing and gently flatters the listener into the weekend.

Jürgen Kausemann and JOJO EFFECT present with their new album “True Sky Heroes” nothing less than the music for the twenties of this millennium. More information is available here.